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Eaton BiWire Ultra Fire Alarm Control Panel Range - Greendays Lighting Ltd

Eaton BiWire Ultra Fire Alarm Control Panel Range


  • £174.83

Eaton's BiWire Ultra fire detection system is unlike any other standard conventional system as the panel, conventional detectors, sounders and EN54-23 approved beacons all share the same zone wiring.

This delivers significant savings in both cable and installation costs without sacrificing the systems capability.

Supporting up to 52 devices per zone, all panels in the range have the facility to flash detector LED's to facilitate the location of an wiring faults.

BiWire Ultra is a cost effective, easy to install solution for variety of applications. Its modern design and simple interface make it the system of choice for small to medium sized installations such as schools, retail, healthcare, industrial, office buildings and small nursing homes.


  • Choice of 2,4 and 8 zone panels
  • Detectors and sounders share the same wiring
  • One man test factility
  • Class change input
  • Interlink replay functionality for connecting 2 BiWire Ultra panel together
  • Supports an expansion card for Fire Routing Equipment, Fire Protection Equipment and fire relays per zone.
  • Modern and discreet enclosure


  • Tailored to the size and need of the building
  • Reduced cost of installation
  • Simple system testing by a single fire alarm technician
  • Capability to sound class change bells in schools
  • Interlink relay allows for greater system felxbility
  • Comprehensive protection for safety of building occupants
  • Panel not out of place in public areas

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