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GE Wattmiser 2D Compact Fluorescent 4 Pin 28W (24w) - Greendays Lighting Ltd

GE Wattmiser 2D Compact Fluorescent 4 Pin 28W (24w)


  • £4.12




The energy efficient GE Watt-Miser 28 Watt 2D 4 Pin (GR10q) compact fluorescent lamp has an average life of 15,000 hours. These lamps are from well-known brand GE and have an A class energy efficiency rating, making them an excellent choice for keeping energy bills low, especially as this lamp will save you £4 per lamp life. These 2D lamps are available in colours: - Extra Warm White (827), Standard White (835) and Cool White (840).

GE 2D lamps are the ONLY 2D lamps on the market that are recommended for emergency lighting applications and this particular lamp represents excellent value for money. GE 2D lamps provide similar lumen output as standard 2D lamps but they offer unique energy saving potential of up to 12% dependent on what ballast and wattage are used.

This lamp is the only A class energy rated 2D lamp available on the market which can be retrofit to work with existing fittings and ballasts, making fitting them much easier. Our customers have described this product as "Good value, quick shipping and an excellent product".

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